Busca Vida beachfront house for sale

R$ 3,000,000


Busca Vida beachfront house for sale

Busca Vida beachfront house for sale, Camaçari, with a excelent ocean view, composed of 5 suites with closets, living room and integrated dining, toilet, kitchen, pantry, utility room, laundry area, maid, pool in two levels with waterfall overlooking the beach, barbecue, pizza oven, gourmet space, parking for 10 cars, ramp for wheelchair, caretaker’s house and the beachfront house price is with all furnitures.
Land area 2,550 m², constructed area 550 m².

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Condo Busca Vida

Busca Vida beachfront house for sale is located in a luxury condo. Busca Vida is at the beginning of Estrada do Coco, close to several beaches of Bahia’s north coast (Litoral Norte). Right next door is the beach of Jauá, with structured tents and large natural pools formed by the reefs. Later, in Arembepe, tourists can choose between stretches of deserted beaches and urban areas, with restaurants serving the best of Bahian cuisine.

Pond, palm trees, blue-green sea, golden sand and plenty of privacy. Condo Busca Vida is totally calm for those who like to enjoy the beach more quiet. Located on the northern coast of Bahia, near Lauro de Freitas and close to Salvador International Airport, Busca Vida has nine kilometers of open ocean beach framed by beautiful coconut trees. So quiet due to the fact the beach is practically privatized. A residential condominium built by the sea restricting vehicle access to residents and tourists staying in the hotel complex. Few visitors venture to walk through the sand from nearby beaches. It is in this atmosphere of intimacy that locals and tourists like the place.

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