Luxury beachfront home for sale Barra de Jacuípe

R$ 1,500,000


Luxury beachfront home for sale Barra de Jacuípe

Luxury beachfront home for sale Barra de Jacuípe. A paradise to live and enjoy with the family – just 30 km from Salvador International Airport.

  • Consisting of 4 bedrooms and 3 spacious suites all with balconies and sea views
  • Master suite with whirlpool tub and cabinets
  • Large living room with panoramic sea views
  • Kitchen with granite countertops and cupboards
  • Integrated dining room a gourmet area with barbecue, wood stove and pizza oven
  • Deck the pool connected with the living room and gourmet area
  • Pool 3 levels with waterfall and whirlpool
  • Laundry area, maid, bathroom
  • Garage for 2 cars, artesian well
  • Excellent quality materials, glass doors and windows with PVC, porcelain floors, lighting LED
  • Gated community with concierge and 24 hour security and leisure area.

Land area: 1,100 m². Built area: 350 m².

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Informations about Barra de Jacuípe

Situated approximately 58 km from Salvador, the area covers a village of the same name, home to fishermen and people working in the region. Jacuípe is very popular for the summer, as it has many houses in well-structured condominiums. The meeting Jacuípe River to the sea provides one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Litoral Norte.

Dunes, native coconut trees, reefs and quiet beaches complete the appeal. Breathtaking scenery, especially the putting of the sun, and the river of calm waters are the perfect venue for water sports; the presence of jet-skis in its waters is frequent; Fishing is also an assiduous there. In the small harbor you can rent a canoe for sightseeing on the river or simply make the crossing to a deserted island, formed by the rivers Capybara, Jacuípe and the sea. Attention only to the sea, which during high tide, has currents and strong waves.

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