Luxury home for sale Alphaville Litoral Norte

R$ 1,199,000


Luxury home for sale Alphaville Litoral Norte

This wonderful luxury home for sale Alphaville Litoral Norte consists of 4 large suites with balcony, master with dressing room, whirlpool and spacious balcony, integrated living room with dining room, TV room, eating large kitchen with countertop nanoglass and modern tap, integrated gourmet balcony with pool, toilet, dependence on complete maid service area, doors and windows with great material PVC and green glasses, garage access to the living room, 4 parking spaces and two covered. Excellent location of the house to an area of environmental preservation and good privacy.
Constructed area 540 m².

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Alphaville Litoral Norte house for sale is located in luxury condo. The condo has a club with infrastructure, further improving the comfort and well being of residents, with soccer court, fitness room, a ballroom, restaurant, adult pool, children’s pool, playground, recreational areas, parking for visitors, 24 hour security and monitoring system with professionals throughout the condo.

Alphaville Litoral Norte integrates strategic location, environmental preservation and an orderly occupation, harmoniously combining housing, leisure and services on an area of 789,892 m². Sport and leisure are given special attention in Alphaville. The structure dedicated to moments of relaxation is thought to fit the climate, the characteristics of the area and especially the customs and culture of the region. Alphaville Litoral Norte has a club with 81,187 m² – equivalent to eight football fields – integrated into the beautiful natural setting.

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More information about Camaçari

A The city of Camaçari was founded on September 28, 1758 256 years ago is the fourth largest city of Bahia and the second largest metropolitan area.
Today Camaçari has an area of 784,658 km square with more than 281,000 inhabitants. They are 42 km of coastline that are part of Camaçari, known worldwide for its natural beauty, beautiful and paradisiacal beaches where tourists from everywhere have sought to live in condominiums luxuries located on the beaches of the region are: Beach of Busca Vida, Jauá, beach of Interlagos, Arembepe, beach of Barra do Jacuípe, beach of Genipabu, Guarajuba, beach of  Itacimirim and beach of Japonês beach forming its beautiful Litoral Norte.

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