Encontro das Aguas Video Tours

Encontro das Aguas Video Tours

Join Encontro das Aguas Video Tours in 4K and drone Video. The condo is best known by the size of the lot and its fabulous mansions and luxury homes. Founded in 1984 and more than 32 years with its large lots from 2,500 m² and today more modern designed homes, many mansions are breathtaking, for its beauty, size, exuberance and here you can enjoy your privacy because of the lot sizes.

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The Condo is situated in Lauro de Freitas

The condo is located at Estrada do Coco “Coconut Highway” in Lauro de Freitas, Bahia in front of the Vilas do Atlântico and only 10 minutes from Salvador International Airport (km 5.5) . The condo offers families and visitors privacy, quiet, well-being, contact with tropical nature and an invigorating environment.

The Condo has 518 lots

Condo Encontro das Aguas is the greatest of all condominiums in Lauro de Freitas. Divided by blocks (numbers and letters). Has four ponds, environmental preservation areas, where you can see wild animals and birds of various species (parrots, black birds, little bird, hummingbird) which further brighten this condo oasis.

Security and transport

The condo consists of 518 lots, two entrances with biometric systems and security. The condo is monitored 24 hours with professionals and the condo is 30 km long, so securyty access to lots are performed by armed and trained security in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, walking and in boat. 2 vans with a capacity of 16 seats each transports people around the condo – making two routes across the edge of the area, giving more comfort and safety to tenants and employees who need to get around from the entrance and inside the condo.

Monitored for 24 hours camera systems with the support of cars and motorcycles with trained security guards giving even more protection to all..

Find Encontro das Aguas homes for sale.

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